Over many years, I have written for a huge number of organisations. Below are a selection of links which are of pieces I have written. Be sure to check out my home page for a selection of current blog articles. If you have any queries about any of the links below, or if you have any queries about possible future projects then don’t hesitate to use the contact form on the website. This page will be continuously updated as I add to the list below.

The Young Scientists Journal

My role with the Young Scientists Journal has spanned many years stretching all the way back to 2013. I will shortly be posting an article about my role with the Young Scientists Journal so you can find out more. Once the post is up, I’ll put a link in here. During my time with the Young Scientists Journal I’ve had so many amazing opportunities to write for a huge number of organisations. Below are some links to articles I’ve written.

Interview with BBC Wildlife Filmmaker and Cameraman Gordon Buchanan 


Interview with BBC Television Presenter Liz Bonnin 


Interview with Astronomer Royal Martin Rees (features in isssue 17)


Interview with author Andres Ruzo

Young scientists on funding to the validity of science – The Royal Society

Throughout my time at the Young Scientists Journal, I was able to help develop a partnership with the Royal Society. This partnership created the opportunity to write for their website. We also created a partnered issue where we covered projects from young people across the UK which they’d done with the help of the Royal Society’s partnership grants. You can have a read of this issue here.

The Greatest Voyage – The British Exploring Society


Issue 19 The Young Scientists Journal

This issue of the Young Scientists Journal was produced under my leadership as Chief Editor of the Young Scientists Journal. The issue centres around life beyond Earth and features both my interview with Andres Ruzo and Gordon Buchanan.

“Budding Scientists Get a Taste of the Life Scientific” The Guardian

Following the Young Scientists Journal’s first annual conference in 2014 – I had the incredible opportunity to write about the experience for The Guardian. The article details my experiences and the event itself.

Amazon Kindle Books 

Animal A-Z

Cooking Goes Green

Cooking Goes Green – Second Helpings

Science Bites – A Short Tour of the Universe



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