Week 1 – Baby Steps | VMLM 2019

This is my first training update for the London Marathon in 2019. I’m starting off on an epic journey to the start line (fingers crossed!) in April next year. Over the next 8 months you’ll be finding out about why I’m running London and essentially the progression of my relationship with running! Every week, I’llContinue reading “Week 1 – Baby Steps | VMLM 2019”

Faster. Higher. Stronger |Part 3

This is the final installment of my mini-series on my back operation. Things were finally looking up –  I was getting stronger and a little bit faster. This is where I really should mention my Dad. Sometimes (actually a fair amount 😉 ) he drives me bonkers – he’s all about exercise. But to beContinue reading “Faster. Higher. Stronger |Part 3”