I’m Running the London Marathon! | VMLM 2019

I am about to embark on an epic running challenge. I’m running 2 half marathons and a full marathon in the space of 8 months! Over the next 8 months, I’ll be posting training updates, recipes, fundraising updates and more to to my website. All the updates will be added to my dedicated London MarathonContinue reading “I’m Running the London Marathon! | VMLM 2019”

Animal A-Z | #ThrowbackThursday

The animal kingdom is amazing with millions upon millions of different species, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. For this throwback, here’s an Animal A-Z guide I wrote as an ultimate guide to the wonders of our animal kingdom. From the Yak to the Vampire Squid- you’ll find out about all the great species ofContinue reading “Animal A-Z | #ThrowbackThursday”

The Humboldt Penguin | Photography

This penguin nests on rocky coasts and islands – they feed on their surrounding waters. Although this penguin can inhabit slightly hotter climates than the Arctic, they’re highly influenced by colder climates. This is because the cold, nutrient rich movement of the sea, flowing from Antarctica is vital for the plankton and krill levels. TheseContinue reading “The Humboldt Penguin | Photography”

The Real Meaning of Science with Liz Bonnin | #ThrowbackThursday

This Thursday, we’re also going back to 2014 were I had the pleasure of interviewing BBC television presenter Liz Bonnin alongside The Young Scientists Journal. We talked about loads of different subjects from her early childhood to inspiring even more people into science. Click here to have a read of the interview!

SURPRISE! | Cooking Goes Green

Today in the UK, it’s A-Level Results Day when thousands of students across the country will find out if they got into their university of choice. To hopefully add to the celebrations across the country, my new cookbook is FREE for one day only on the Amazon Kindle Store. It’s small but packed with tonnesContinue reading “SURPRISE! | Cooking Goes Green”

Faster. Higher. Stronger |Part 3

This is the final installment of my mini-series on my back operation. Things were finally looking up –  I was getting stronger and a little bit faster. This is where I really should mention my Dad. Sometimes (actually a fair amount 😉 ) he drives me bonkers – he’s all about exercise. But to beContinue reading “Faster. Higher. Stronger |Part 3”

Crisps, Naked Nurses and Other Strange Goings On| Part 2

After the operation I had no idea about anything, someone had literally substituted my brain with a lump of cotton wool. I had a number of slightly strange things happening initially – I was adamant the nurses were naked, and very confused as to why they hadn’t put any clothes on. I was of courseContinue reading “Crisps, Naked Nurses and Other Strange Goings On| Part 2”

I’m round the bend (literally not mentally)…. | Part 1

I can do anything I want – unless…. Unless you give me some reallllyyy awkward sandals to put on, tell me to bend and touch my toes or anything which requires a similar level of flexibility – those are incredibly small things to complain about, and I’m not complaining at all, those are just myContinue reading “I’m round the bend (literally not mentally)…. | Part 1”

Getting Food Inspiration… |#FoodieFriday

If you’re on a budget, trawling the supermarket aisles for inspiration on that night’s dinner can be a challenge, particularly if you’ve made the rookie error of being hungry before you head off to the supermarket. Sometimes it’s also easy to slip into old habits, and just pick something you always have – it isContinue reading “Getting Food Inspiration… |#FoodieFriday”