When was the last pandemic? | Coronavirus Covid-19

With the Coronavirus, Covid-19 now spreading faster in Europe than China where it originated, what makes a pandemic? How close are we to another? When was the last one, and why does the WHO get so worried about them?  Seasonal influenza occurs every year – the virus changes each year and sadly causes thousands ofContinue reading “When was the last pandemic? | Coronavirus Covid-19”

The Coronavirus – should you be worried?

The Coronavirus – or COVID-19 as it’s now known has never left the headlines since the start of the outbreak in December 2019. As the death toll rises well beyond that of the SARS outbreak in 2003 – it’s important to ask all the questions. What is the coronavirus? Why is this outbreak different toContinue reading “The Coronavirus – should you be worried?”

What’s causing the Australian Bush Fires?

Lightning, arson, arcing from power lines are all possible causes of bushfires. Hot temperatures and other weather conditions then makes the fires spread until they either run out of material to burn, it rains or fire crews get involved. So far billions of animals have died, thousands of firefighters have been tackling the deadly flamesContinue reading “What’s causing the Australian Bush Fires?”

Mount Erebus’s Tragic Disaster

Some of the most amazing and unique aspects of planet Earth come in the most extreme and harsh conditions. Mount Erebus, Antarctica’s second highest peak, after Mount Sidley is the southernmost volcano on Earth.  This is one of the few locations on Earth where fire meets ice. Surrounding Mount Erebus is a huge network ofContinue reading “Mount Erebus’s Tragic Disaster”