How to take the cutest dog photos | Photography

Dogs are a man’s best friend –  do you want to turn your dog into an Instagram superstar? Follow these tips for some super cute dog photos you can show off to all your friends! Act normal! When you’re taking pictures of your dog, take it slow – act like you’re doing absolutely nothing! TheContinue reading “How to take the cutest dog photos | Photography”

Organising photos – where do you start?

I don’t know about you but I seem to take hundreds of photos (sometimes just in a day!). The 760 photos I took at the Fed Cup last year is a prime example! So the numbers of photos on all my devices get very big, very quickly! But how do you organise your photos withoutContinue reading “Organising photos – where do you start?”

The Fed Cup | #ThrowbackThursday

For this week, I’ve put together some of the pictures I took at April’s Fed Cup. Held at the Copperbox arena in London, the GB tennis team battled to victory against Kazakhstan for a place in tennis’ World Group. Pictures above (clockwise): 1. The GB bench cheer on the team, 2 and 3. The GBContinue reading “The Fed Cup | #ThrowbackThursday”

Flamingos | Wingham Wildlife Park

Flamingos are amazing creatures native to  the Americas. Their name comes from the Portuguese or Spanish – flamengo meaning ‘flame coloured”.  Usually, they’re seen standing on one leg. We don’t really know why this is, but one of the most common theories is it’s to conserve body heat as they spend a lot of their day wadingContinue reading “Flamingos | Wingham Wildlife Park”

Tigers | Practical Photography Magazine

I am super excited to announce that this months edition of the Practical Photography magazine contains another of my photos! This picture features in a special edition of their regular ’10 Clicks’ section on young photographers. I took this one at Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent. I love getting images like this which have, literally,Continue reading “Tigers | Practical Photography Magazine”

Rushmoor Country Park and Falconry Centre | Photography

The Peak District was our destination of choice over the summer of 2018. We were lucky enough to visit Rushmoor Country Park and Falconry Centre on the trip. These are some of the shots I took while we were there. They’ve got a great selection of animals, from rabbits to donkeys, sheep and various birdsContinue reading “Rushmoor Country Park and Falconry Centre | Photography”

Chimps! | Practical Photography Magazine

This month’s Practical Photography magazine has an unexpected addition! I made it into the Practical Photography magazine! This picture features in their ’10 Clicks’ section. This particular picture was taken at Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent – I can spend hours taking pictures at zoos, particularly of these Chimps!