Animals at Play | BBC 2

If you’re after a new TV show packed with cuteness and inspiring insights in the natural world then you have to watch Animals at Play on BBC 2. As Gordon Buchanan investigates – your kids may run riot when they play but this actually has a proper reason behind it. All animals spend vast amountsContinue reading “Animals at Play | BBC 2”

Flamingos | Wingham Wildlife Park

Flamingos are amazing creatures native to  the Americas. Their name comes from the Portuguese or Spanish – flamengo meaning ‘flame coloured”.  Usually, they’re seen standing on one leg. We don’t really know why this is, but one of the most common theories is it’s to conserve body heat as they spend a lot of their day wadingContinue reading “Flamingos | Wingham Wildlife Park”

Chimps! | Practical Photography Magazine

This month’s Practical Photography magazine has an unexpected addition! I made it into the Practical Photography magazine! This picture features in their ’10 Clicks’ section. This particular picture was taken at Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent – I can spend hours taking pictures at zoos, particularly of these Chimps!