Cooking Goes Green: Second Helpings

Today, my second cookbook has gone live on the Amazon Kindle website! It’s an ultimate guide to getting started in the kitchen, along with lots of recipes to give you some more inspiration in the kitchen! The recipes range from stir-fries to pasta dishes and sweet treats and are all budget friendly.

The book, published by Canterbury Christ Church University aims to encourage students to get started in the kitchen. We’ve also had the pleasure of working alongside The Gastro Hub to open up more opportunities for students in the world of sustainable food.

Download the book for £1.99 here.

Cooking Goes Green: Second Helpings

Welcome to my website…

I’m Claire and I’m just about to begin my 3rd and final year of Animal Science at Canterbury Christ Church University.  As my degree suggests, I LOVE all things wildlife and animal related – and across my website you’ll be able to find lots of posts, interesting information and more. I also love photography and you’ll also be able to view lots of my photos – I take loads of different subjects, so there’s lots for all kinds of different interests.

I also love following and watching sport – so much so I’ve run 3 nearly 4 half marathons for charity. The next one is this October, so I’ll post lots of updates here too!