Will new roles free Harry and Meghan from a life of scruitiny?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer use their HRH titles, they’ll repay the £2.4m spent on refurbishing Frogmore Cottage, they won’t be working members of the Royal Family. This is more than a job resignation – it’s the challenge of balancing a private life in the “woke”, social media world. You can read more details of the couples new role here.

Back in May 2018 – Harry and Meghan got married. With all the pomp of British Royalty it promised to be the start of something amazing. A breath of fresh air into the family – the diversification, combined with the new and fresh ideas it so desparately needed.

Image result for fab four royals
(left to right: Prince Charles, The Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan and Harry)

The “Fab Four” working together on the Royal Foundation led to a continuation of their nationwide work on Mental Health – laying out a long term charitable vision. It’s widely acknowledged it was Kate’s idea to pull their work together under the common theme of Mental Health. The couple have had so much success – both as a duo and as part of the “Fab Four” but where did it all go wrong?

Somewhere along the lines things changed. Amid a heightened political atmosphere, they lost their accountability – falling under scrutiny for transatlantic flights, use of taxpayer money and private jets. Racist coverage? Not that I’ve seen, but some coverage was – and still is unfair.

Despite the coverage, social media has had a huge bearing on the Sussex’s public perception. Public opinion drives what sells newspapers. Newspaper content is driven by public opinion. The issue with social media is the level of information which can be inferred, not by what is said, but what isn’t. Leave gaps and the human brain fills in the rest. It’s for this reason I don’t believe they’ll get the freedom they are so desperate for.

They’re stepping back from Royal precedent – not from the public eye. They’ll be pursuing employment and strangely opening themselves up to more judgment on the opportunities they take up (or don’t!).

The popularity of a Google Search for “Meghan Markle”. The sudden increase is when Harry and Meghan made their initial accouncement.

Every human should be allowed to leave a job they aren’t happy in – but at what cost? How can commerical employment “uphold the values of Her Majesty”? Royal duties have guidelines and precedent – pursueing “normal” employment after being born into arguably the world’s most famous institution doesn’t. Will this be the future blueprint for Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte?

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