Finding Nemo…

…. or a clownfish! 🙂

These fish, which are also called anemone fish are probably one of the most recognisable of all. Named perhaps after sea anemones which they could share their habitat with, each fish is incredibly similar – they’ve only got super small differences in shape and places they inhabit. Before they take up residence in an area they perform a dance with another fish, gently touching the other fish until they become acclimatized to the nearby fish.

Amazingly, they also have a layer of mucus on their skin to make it immune from the a sea anemone’s sting. Weirdly, all clown fish are born male and have an ability to change sex to become the dominant female. Once they’ve switched, they can’t switch back.

The good news is that this species has quite a lengthy lifespan, living up to 10 years in the wild.

Clownfish (Image: CC0)

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