I DID IT!!! – and some thoughts…

As a short disclaimer before you read the rest of the article. Since Sunday I’ve become aware of some horrendous stories about the back of the pack. Apart from my XS t-shirt I didn’t experience a lot of what has been shared. On Sunday I saw no sweeper vehicle, but as I write below I’ve chosen not to focus on the issues. This isn’t through lack of caring – more a case of not wanting people to forget the reason they started this. They say before a marathon you’re racing yourself and I think even after the marathon it’s important to keep in mind. I will be putting a post together on those issues in the coming days. 

I am a London Marathon 2019 finisher….

How cool is that???!

The London Marathon is one of the world’s most famed marathons, through the streets of the capital about 40,000 people take to the streets ton conquer the dreaded 26.2 miles. On Sunday I completed the long long…longgggggg trek through London in a snails pace – but equally perfectly fab pace of 7 hours 12. I completed the first half pretty much on track for 6 hrs 15 but various reasons meant I fell a little off the pace.

They say every marathon has a journey – and I reckon mine began back in 2016 when I did my first half marathon in my first year at uni. Back then I was 2, maybe 3 stone heavier – with a ridiculous obsession for chocolate. I’d just come out of school which was a total mixed bag – not bad but by no means an incredible experience! Back then, it was all a matter of the simple act of doing something not many people would have assumed to be possible. At the time, 4/5 years post spinal fusion (read about that here!) – it was about proving to the doubters  that hey, I  could do stuff too!

Then if you fast forward to January this year somehow it came around to training for the London Marathon! – of course that has 5 half marathons, a 10 mile and 10k in between! Early mornings – going from Canterbury to Whitstable, along the seafront and back happened quite a few times. I made social decisions, at times, based on whatever my training plan said for the following day. I’ve been able to walk into actual real supermarkets without supplementing everything with chocolate – anddddd even after the marathon I’m still doing that! I AM BORED STIFF OF OATS – but that’s another story! I’ve spent a grand total of 63 hours and 33 minutes running this year – it’s only the 1st May! I’ve gotten through the autobiographies of Mo Farah, Gary Barlow, the Spice Girl’s Mel B, Bryony Gordon’s 4 books, Adam, Hills, John McEnroe and “Trust Me, I’m a (Junior) doctor” by Max Pemberton. I can only thank the authors of those audible books for their entertainment!!!

Essentially – the London Marathon has revolutionised me. I’m confident in the fact it doesn’t have to be quick, and slow IS fine. I look at these photos and I’m amazed at the fact I actually look like I’m meant to be there and haven’t just randomly arrived in London to see what the heck’s happening!

The marathon is so much more than the day itself. I might have significant bruises on my knees, the worst blisters on my feet but I got there. I  RAN THE LONDON MARATHON. If you came to support on Sunday – from the streets of Greenwich to the crowds on Tower Bridge its a huge showing on the best of humanity. The kids you high 5, to the sweets given out on course, the music, the cheers and encouragement.

London, you were incredible!

Of course this was all for two amazing charities, The Youth Sport Trust and Make a Wish UK. You can still donate here: https://claire-nicholson.com/2019/05/01/i-did-it-and-some-thoughts/


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