Week 8 – Inner Power and Serious Hunger! | VMLM 2019

Woahhh, where do I start? Somehow, the kid who never, ever, ever got picked for anything remotely physical is now running a solid 3 miles before 9am lectures and is pretty much running over 20 miles a week. “Running” is the slight flexible term in that sentence, but hey, I define “running” as the art of moving forward at a pace quicker than walking, right?? 🙂

So apart from a tonne of determination, I have no idea how I’ve ended up on week 8 of the 17 week training plan, having followed each day to the letter! It’s been completely crazy so far – but I love crazy! Strangely as time has progressed, I’ve become more motivated for the rest of it, despite the sore legs!

I’ve now just gone over the 100 mile mark for 2019, last year I didn’t manage that one until October/November last year! I’m nearly at 100 km run for February and yesterday I ran 16.6 miles. That was through running from Canterbury to Whitstable and back! Even just typing that sentence sounds completely crazy! One thing which really amazed me was the fact (and this sentence is about to sound even more crazy), I was alive the day after too! I also felt more alive than I did after half marathons before too!

I think that simple fact is a mark itself of my progress, I couldn’t really even contemplate a distance longer than a half marathon before this began. It pretty much felt like a void of darkness that no human (and least of all me!) could go beyond, now I only have 10 miles (gulp!) to add onto yesterday’s distance!

Now the serious miles start with rapidly increasing figures, that in itself is a tad scary but one thing I know I have is endurance! Strangely, the hardest thing with the training so far has been navigating the routes! I have an incredibly bad sense of direction, coupled with the desire to not end up in a random field or down the A2 – so longer routes need meticulous planning!

Another one of these marathon challenges I’ve found has to be in the nutrition. I’m a total foodie at heart and a lot of the time I’ve found myself with almost unbearable hunger. So this week and onwards I’m planning on massively increasing my protein intake in an effort to banish the hunger!

So the plan for next week is to continue on with the plan, as the miles increase I’m going to try an experiment! I’m planning on swapping my long run day to a Thursday or Friday to help manage uni work and the weekends – we’ll see how that one pans out!

Bring on April!

Would you like to support my fundraising for the London Marathon? I’m raising money for the Youth Sports Trust and Make a Wish UK. Donate here. I really appreciate any donations of whatever size! If you’re unable to donate, then please share my donation link – thank you so much for your support!

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