Potatoes against problem plastics

The battle to reduce single use plastic continues – and will probably continue for many years to come. Could potato starch hold keys to reducing single use plastics?

Recently you might have noticed things like your newspaper supplements coming wrapped in a compostable material made from potato starch instead of the usual polythene covers. The advice on the wrapper is to add it to your usual compostable waste, but why the change?

Well plastics are great, IF they are reused. If they aren’t, then they end up in landfill with the final destination possibly being the oceans.

The Guardian were one of the first to put this change into place. Not put off by higher production costs, they first introduced this to London, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk with the aim of rolling this out to the whole of the UK soon.

With it’s silky feel it may not feel like plastic but this new area of bio-plastics may go some way to conquering the problem of single-use plastics and overall – improving ocean health!

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