Week 4 – Anyone can do this! | #VMLM2019

The more I progress through my training for the London Marathon, the more I realise – and I get the fact this sounds a bit cheesy but it’s basically an art of falling in love with the act of moving forward. One foot in front of the other and you’ll get their eventually!

This couldn’t have been more true during the longest of long runs so far on this training plan – the Canterbury 10 mile Road Race. Pace wise, I managed to beat my target time by quite a distance and didn’t get hypothermia despite the bitterly cold winds!

One of the charities I’m doing this for is the amazing Youth Sport Trust. They’re all about improving the lives of youngsters through the power of sport. Right now, I seem to be learning the very lesson they’re preaching. If you’ve been reading my weekly blogs before now, you’ll know that at times, I’m incredibly insecure about my pace. I’ve been trying to think about why that might be the case. The only thing I can really think of is that it’s a mixture between imposter syndrome and one particular instance at school. This came about 6 months after my back operation and we were on a limited place trip to Italy. One day’s excursion was to climb Mount Vesuvius, yet there was a couple of people who said I shouldn’t have gone on that trip just because I would have been slow and therefore the place would have been better suited to other people. As a total side note, I was last, but I climbed it 🙂

I’ve done 4 half marathons and during Sunday’s race, I learned a lesson I’ve never been taught in quite the same way before. Pace is irrelevant. I’ve said this before, that everyone is a runner if you run – and I might, just might, be starting to believe it!

During the race, I met some incredibly lovely people. People who, quite honestly, couldn’t give a monkeys about my pace. These were people who I ran with and we could each give each other mutual encouragement – it’s amazing what that did to my pace! A special shout out has to go to an older guy who’d previously run 5 marathons and was busy rescuing the earthworms of Canterbury in the process!

So overall, this week has been exhausting running wise – so exhausting in fact, Strava keeps telling me to slow down! I’ve done 50 miles so far in 2019! But there’s so much to celebrate this week. I’ve finished a full month of marathon training, I’m still here and still smiling!

Would you like to support my fundraising for the London Marathon? I’m raising money for the Youth Sports Trust and Make a Wish UK. Donate here. I really appreciate any donations of whatever size! If you’re unable to donate, then please share my donation link – thank you so much for your support!





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