Week 3 – Muscles, Research and Motivation | VMLM 2019

You might think 26.2 miles is a long way – the last week has shown me just how long that distance is! Sometimes, it really baffles me why people voluntarily drag themselves around a 42.16 kilometre course -for fun! Training is hard but I’m getting through each run – one by one, minute by minute! I’ve had a cold/cough for most of the week – so when everything builds up overnight it can be a challenge to drag my heffalump of a body out into the wilderness in temperatures well below freezing! Having said that though, I’ve come out the other side of the week! I’ve brought my 2019 total to 29.6 miles and the weekly total is going up and up with each week! I’m currently following the London Marathon’s beginners training plan and so far I’ve followed it to the letter!

I’m still struggling a bit with the consistent running, although I think some of that is the mental element of running. Whether it’s a slight element of boredom during a run, or exhaustion, I haven’t quite worked that bit out yet! That side of it is a little frustrating but despite all that, I could walk/run for aggesssss without being just unable to continue!

I’m currently trying out so many different methods of research to improve both my running style and technique. Since the start of the year, I’ve been reading Dame Kelly Holmes’ book “Running Life”, the Runner’s World, “Complete Guide to Race Training”, watching various videos – that kind of thing. It’s now a case of putting that all into practice! Bring on week 4!

Would you like to support my fundraising for the London Marathon? I’m raising money for the Youth Sports Trust and Make a Wish UK. Donate here. I really appreciate any donations of whatever size! If you’re unable to donate, then please share my donation link – thank you so much for your support!

Today’s long run 

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