Andy Murray – a sporting legend.

Professional sport takes no prisoners, and Andy Murray is no exception. Andy Murray has hit the news headlines for all the reasons he probably didn’t want to. No, he’s not won a tournament, or a tennis slam – he’s retiring this year, Wimbledon at the latest due to a chronic hip injury.

He now sits outside the world’s top 200 tennis players – a far cry from the glory of Wimbledon 2013 where he finally banished Britain’s 77 year wait for a male champion. Now, the former world number one’s hip has deteriorated to such an extent that he even struggles with putting his socks on.

That’s the story, but I think this should focus on what he’s done for British sport and beyond – and above all, we can’t go back to what it was ‘pre- Andy Murray’. I’ve watched Andy on the court for as long as I can remember, lived and breathed every single point at times. Almost to the extent the neighbours could tell his score just from my reactions – oops! Last summer at the Eastbourne ATP tournament I was lucky enough to see Andy Murray in a practise with Kyle Edmund. I had no idea I would get that opportunity. Now, with this news, it feels somewhat more special knowing this news.

Andy’s glittering career may be drawing to a close but let’s look at what he’s done, and what we can do next to take it forward.  This has been just the start of a golden era for British sport. He’s won three grand slams and a wealth of titles. He was also the first person EVER to defend a tennis singles Olympic Gold. We can’t also forget Andy’s part in the GB Davis Cup win in 2015.

On top of his incredible successes he’s also come so close so many times – a five time runner-up at the Australian Open for example. Personally, I think we can take more from instances like these – the grit, resilience and above all how Andy has carried himself through the incredible highs and shattering lows.

Whether you’re a professional sports person trying to reach the lofty heights of Andy Murray or learning your craft in a different field, we can all learn take a bit of Andy Murray inspiration.

Andy Murray at the ATP Eastbourne Tennis (2018)




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