Science – getting the word out!

Why should I know about science? Why does it matter to me?

Well, science, – love it or hate it, we can’t avoid it. You could probably define it as “how everything works”. From the make-up you use in the morning to your biological clock at night – science is the inner workings of the world and what makes everything work. Science puts order into the chaos – but yet only provides answers to such a small part of the world and beyond.

Science is all about asking questions. Science isn’t always about having the answers to all the questions but asking those questions. Science, I believe, is only developed through telling people about those questions – why does something happen, how does it happen? Above all – discussion.

So I guess, in the world of chaos, locally and globally this serves as a reminder to continue questioning everything. Explore the possibilities beyond whatever you know, whether that be in the world of science or beyond – don’t stick to what you know!

Macaw at Wingham Wildlife Park
This is a Macaw at Wingham Wildlife Park

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