It’s Nearly Christmas!| Training Update – VMLM 2019

It’s safe to say that the since September, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, in almost every sense – from family stuff, to uni and of course the lead up to Christmas.

I guess part of what I’m aiming to do with these training updates is to almost do reverse peer pressure on myself to not only get myself to the start line in April but also just to get started with one training run – one at a time!

Around the time of the London 2012 Olympics Team Sky under Dave Brailsford made a thing of “marginal gains”, making small and minor changes which then come together to create something well rounded and for them, someone who could ultimately win gold medals. Although this “journey” as cliché as it sounds, is in no way a comparison to actual real life athletes who actually go on to do things like becoming Olympic champion – I think that’s such a good principal to apply to everyday life – and in my instance what I’m doing.

Recently, I have hit soooooo many goals which I thought were previously unreachable – they seem small, but they’re things like running an entire mile continuously. I then ran a for a constant 15 minutes (over a mile) on a treadmill. Those are incredibly small gains, but for someone who previously struggled with anything physical – had major spinal surgery at 13 – slow and steady really does win the race!

Follow me on Instagram (@clairesproject26.2 where I’m posting some more in depth updates on my progress and milestones which I begin to hit! My fundraising link for the Youth Sports Trust and Make a Wish is here:



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