Grey Seals – a Great British Wildlife Encounter

Over our summer holiday we took a bit of a trek from our campsite. On the other side of our campsite in Lincolnshire is a nature reserve. Every winter thousands and thousands of seals flock there to mate and essentially create a home for the winter months. We had no idea whether or not the seals still remain in the local area over the summer – so at some point over our holiday we haddddd to explore! Early on in our holiday we were sat on a bench overlooking the coast and we overhead a conversation a Mum had with her son – about the local seals!

British Wildlife is incredible and it always will be but I think it’s always easy to fall under the impression that the only British aspects of wildlife are up in Scotland and ‘down south’ we only have things like pigeons or your average garden bird. So considering that – my hopes weren’t high! We took a path across a marsh area of land – one that even had danger signs about unexploded bombs! Avoiding the sinky patches of mud, we got to the beach. The beach spanned for miles across and there was only the odd human on the horizon! After a couple of false alarms – grassy patches which seemed to look like seals, I decided to go on ahead. I had in the back of my mind that Mum and Dad weren’t going to walk an open beach deserted of human contact for more miles than they had to!

This is what we saw….


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