Wildlife Photography |#WhyILove

This is the first post in a mini series, where I’ll be dedicating posts to all the things I love. The first in the series is all about Wildlife Photography. You can have a look at some of my photos here. 

Every animal – much like humans do, has their own individual personality. Just by dedicating a few minutes with an animal you can start to gain an impression of what the animal is like, are they sleepy? are they playful?  That kind of thing. With some animals, I totally believe it’s possible to read some of their expressions.

“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” – David Attenborough 

Some people agree, some people disagree with giving animals some kind of human aspect to them. This is basically because animals are separate from humans – and well, we cause so much damage to them. However, I think giving them human characteristics could help to protect them. There’s over 40,000 species which are endangered and they need our help. The reason this many animals are endangered ranges hugely, from altered climates, to deforestation and general human destruction. The key I believe to protect, is simply to educate. We need to understand the animals, what makes them ‘tick’, what makes them special – and ultimately why we should protect them. One of the easiest ways I think this can be done is with the field of wildlife photography. Programmes like the BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’ has shot the field of wildlife photography and cinematography to fame – the field has gone from strength to strength. There’s now loads of wildlife competitions. Have a look at this one for some of the images which featured in the Wildlife Photographer of the year competition. You’ll see in lots of these kind of images, a real showcase of the animal in question. By looking at these images you can start to gain a real impression of the animal, it’s strength, fragility and ultimately why the animal is so great. This is something I really hope I’m beginning to scratch the surface on with my images which you can see here.  I think if you can give someone an insight into how an animal acts, an insight into its world – then why would you not do that?

This is one of my shots of a Ring Tailed Lemur at Wingham Wildlife Park near Canterbury, Kent

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