The Eurasian Bear

The Eurasian bear is one of the subspecies of the brown bear – it can be huge as males can reach 800 pounds and females between 300 and 500 pounds. To put that into perspective, 800 pounds is like taking at least 57 fully grown adult males and converting them to bear form!

As far as their diet is concerned, it’s quite similar to their cousins, the Syrian and Grizzly bear. They’re omnivores so feed on a mixture of plants, roots, sprouts and animal based foods. They also have a particular taste for fish! Strangely, until the middle ages, the Eurasian bears were about 80% carnivorous, then as humans started to prevent them hunting their livestock, the animals started to adapt and find other food sources around them.

This is one of the Eurasian bears cooling off at Wildwood near Canterbury

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